Scraping By

There was a pretty good frost yesterday morning, so there was not only frost on the pumpkin, but also on our cars. Which meant that I had to start the two cars we use to go to church (we leave at different times, generally), turn on the defrosters to full blast, and start scraping.  Therein lies the rub: we’ve had a turnover in our cars in the past year and I don’t know where my good scrapers are. Having a good scraper for frost (not ice, almost anything like a rock or shingle will work to scrape ice off, but we don’t have ice on the pumpkins that much.  We do have a lot of frost, and that’s why I need a good scraper) is essential. If I use an ice scraper on frost, it leaves little cleared trails about 3/16 of an inch wide. That doesn’t clear a windshield very fast.

Everything I had that had migrated to the trunks of the cars was an ice scraper–thick blades designed to cut through up to three inches of ice.

Then there are those pitiful combination scrapers/brushes that are about 20 inches long and as ineffectual as ice scrapers for removing frost. They are too rigid to conform to the windshield and remove frost.

The best scraper I have ever had (yes, I do remember things like this) was a gas station giveaway with “Scottie’s Texaco” on it and a nice thin blade that followed the contours of the windshield and removed frost like a champ. I don’t think you can buy these any more, and mine is either in a box of car supplies in the basement or wedged in a crevice in a car seat somewhere. I hope I can find it. Nothing beats a good frost scraper like the giveaway from two decades in the past.

If I can find all the scrapers I’ll take pictures of each type and post them here for your viewing pleasure. Now, if I can only find the camera…(Later: I still haven’t found the camera. I used images from the interwebs, obviously.)


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3 responses to “Scraping By

  1. Hahaha! Love that Mobil scraper, Dan! The best things in life are free, eh?My car and life being what they are, I frequently find myself without a scraper. Back in the day, I discovered the edge of an open cassette case worked mildly well. CD cases aren't half so effective. A dustpan can be useful, too, depending on how even the edge is. Fingernails? Not so good.

  2. Oh, I hate not being able to find my scraper. I have used any number of things as substitutes — coffee mug tops, my fingernails, etc. — in a mad scramble to get the windshield cleared so I can make it to first period on time! Ugh!

  3. Thanks! I should have written more about substitute scrapers although all I have ever used instead of a scraper is a credit card. I'll have to try the cassette case, since I have about 200 of those, for some reason (well, sloth is the reason). Katherine, I love the idea of a dustpan! Think of the giant swath I could clear through the frost!Mary, I remember those days when something went wrong and I had to hustle to get to first period before the kids. I was only late to school one time, though, but it was nerve-wracking at times…

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