Yes, yes, I know I said I was going to write on technology and society on Wednesdays, but sometimes things come up. And I lied.

OK, try this. I am presently going through a list of Nine Things that Will Disappear in (Your, My, Our) Lifetime(s). So far I have reflected on checks and privacy (I think). Anyhow, I came across another list so this post is related in that it pertains to a list. So I hope that makes a difference. If you have complaints, please send them to:

Harrison Bergeron, Blogmaster
Biscuit City Productions
Biscuit City VA 20007.3

The list is from a Kiplinger magazine article on “Seven Things Worth Splurging On.” Here’s a link if you don’t believe that I am not making this up. And it has pictures in case you have never seen something like a watch:

(An aside here: Isn’t “splurge” a funny word? I think so. I hope you do, too.)

So, the seven things are:

1. A kitchen renovation. Agreed. We had ours redone about three years ago and we love it love it love it. Sometimes I walk into the kitchen and think I’m in another house. Then I forget what I came in for. Usually, it’s to eat something, so that narrows it down.

2. Apple stock. $610 a share. If I invested directly in the stock market, maybe. But we have our investments through an investment counselor. I have no idea what they are. We meet with him and he shows us colorful graphs and charts, and I still have no idea what is going on. A financial genius I am not, other than to tell you, “Buy low, sell high.” There. Who says blogs are useless?

3. Non-Stop Flights. It says they save time and money. No duh. You can fly directly to Atlanta in about an hour and a half or you can take a two-stop through Cleveland and Orlando and take all day. Your choice, Sparky.

4.  A Digital SLR Camera. Sure. Why not? I take lousy pictures, and I’m sure they would be lousy if I used said digital SLR camera or my Kodak Instamatic.

5. An American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card. C’mon now. I have so many credit cards now I’m not even sure what they are. I need another one about like a hole in the head, Gold Rewards or Golden Calf or whatever.

6. A Cartier Watch worth $4650. No, thanks. I like my $29.95 Timex. The Cartier is supposed to last a lifetime. I calculate I can by 155 Timexes the price of one Cartier. If the Timex lasts only a year (and they last four or five years), I would be 219 years old by the time I made up the price of the Cartier.

7. Prix Fixe Fine Dining. Sure would, if I could find a place within 200 miles of where I live that offers such a thing. In the meantime, we have coupons for Red, Hot and Blue.

I know, I sound  like a cheapskate. I am. And I have my own indulgences, including guitars that are worth the equivalent of three Cartier watches. But you can’t play “Stairway to Heaven” on a watch. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. 

But you indulge yourself however you want. You work hard, and you’ve earned it.


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2 responses to “Huh?

  1. Heresy! Prix fixe fine dining is just up the road from you in DC, and we do splurge occasionally. I can give you a list, beginning with Rogue 24, whose prix fixe is ridiculously high, but is (almost) worth it for the experience alone. With you on the watches, kitchen, and non-stop flights. Amex platinum is the way to go–gets you tickets when they are unavailable anywhere else, if you go for that. As for stock…we have a graph-master too. Same effect. My rule is: find someone you trust who is younger than you (don't want him/her retiring just when you need him most) and turn him/her loose.

  2. I'm with you on cheap watches, Dan, except mine usually cost less than $20, more often under $15. I've also got a thing for clearance shopping, online stores that offer coupons and free shipping, the Salvation Army thrift store and eBay. Sorry, but I refuse to spend $30 on a freaking t-shirt or more than $30 on a handbag. The denim bag I got for $4 at Wal-mart three+ years ago is still in excellent condition, holds everything I need and makes me look cool. As for Apple shares, well, let's just say there's no way I would gamble $610. I'd rather put it in our savings account. We don't eat at expensive restaurants (how stuffy), are quite comfortable with our kitchen and have a few cameras that serve us well. A non-stop flight? Yeah, I'd take that, but you can't take a flight and not have a place to stay, right? Those expenses add up. We end up driving a lot.And you don't sound like a cheapskate at all! I was just carrying on this past Sunday at Splashdown about their cheeseburgers that cost $5! Their water bottles cost $2 or so. I bought two large cups of tap ice water for $0.50 apiece. When it was time to leave, the water was gone, but the ice remained. I told my group, take the cup. I wanted my 50 cent ice, dammit.

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