Fence Conversion Step by Step–a How-to Guide

OK, here’s a nice shot of a panel of the old security fence which we needed when we had a pool, which we haven’t had for about five years now. Would hate to rush into anything. I know, the fence looks bad. That’s why I’m converting it (and have been since last October–I’m slow but good) into a lovely stylish scalloped fence: here’s how–
First step is to take off the old boards. They’ve been taken off in this picture and are hiding out of the picture except for one at the bottom.  I will reuse the old stringers since I’m cheap. And the old posts.
Here the stringers have been relocated to the proper spacing for the picket fence, and the left hand fence post has been cut to its proper length. And you’re right, that bottom stringer is bowed. Not to worry: I will fix it with my magic stringer straightener.

Here’s a picture of my magic stringer straightener at work. It looks just like two landscape blocks laid on the warped stringer, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!
Now I have run a string from picket to shining picket to give me a gauge for the intermediate pickets. The string describes what is called a concatenary curve. It’s the same curve you see in the suspension cables for the Golden Gate Bridge. Except the ones there are bigger, much bigger. The red thing on the right is my level which I use to plumb the pickets. I also level the stringers with the level. Strangely enough.
Here I’ve installed about half the pickets on this section,  screwing them in with deck screws using my cordless DeWalt drill, a birthday present from my wonderful, intelligent and thoughtful children. I would like a pony for my next birthday, please.
Here’s a shot of the finished side of the fence with our house and its picturesque garbage and recycling cans in the background along with the blue and tan yard waste cans. I have a lot of cans like that. And this ain’t all of them! I took this shot standing in our neighbor’s yard. She doesn’t yell at me for being in her yard because I am building a more beautiful fence. Artists are always appreciated, don’t you think?
And here’s a finished panel from our side of the fence, showing my DeWalt drill. Doesn’t it look portable and powerful? And isn’t it a nice yellow color?
Now you know how to convert your wooden security fence to a lovely scalloped picket fence! I should be done in about a week. I’ll post pictures of the finished product. And I’m sorry, but I don’t do fences for other people. I’m too slow and make too many mistakes. You can’t see them, but they’re there. Isn’t that just a parable for our lives? I thought so, too. Well, anyhow, I hope you enjoyed my little post on converting your ugly old worn-out security fence to a lovely, stylish picket fence. 
And here are pictures of the completed project:

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