Poem of the Week–Preparing for My Absence

This is based on a line in an email from a friend. She wrote, “I am preparing for my absence next week.” I thought that an evocative phrase and the result was this poem.

Preparing for My Absence

Preparing for my absence
I realize I have never been away from myself
Unless you want to count sleep
Which really doesn’t because, after all
I’m still there with myself.
So, I am preparing to be away from myself
I don’t know for how long
And I’m not telling where I’m going
In case I should find out and
Tag along with myself.
I’ll be out, not available, incommunicado,
Hors de combat
And if anyone needs me
Including me
I’m not here
And I’m not there, either.

–Dan Verner


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2 responses to “Poem of the Week–Preparing for My Absence

  1. OMG Dan, I think this is one of the best poems I have read by you! I hear the ironic tones of Emily Dickinson's "I'm nobody. Who are you?" as well as the profound paradoxes that make for marvelous metaphor. (So says your reader, a lover of alliteration.)

  2. I like this Dan!Ron Glaser

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