Poem of the Week: Lament for Boston

Boston Skyline

Lament for Boston

I am weary of names of places
Tied forever to acts of terrible mindless violence
Of the grating pull through hours of
Recounting suffering and loss
Of raw associations with
Oklahoma City,
The Twin Towers,
The Pentagon,
Virginia Tech,
And now Boston.

Do we need so many opportunities
To prove our resilience,
Our ability to bounce back,
To make change for the better?
At what cost?
Once again the innocent lie slain
As the rest of us mourn a while and then
Pick up the pieces
Of our hearts and journey onward.

The blossoms today drifting from the
Flowering pear trees did not seem so much
Like spring snow
As they did bitter tears
Falling to the ground.

–Dan Verner 4/15/2013

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