Friday Poem of the Week: June 6


June 6

A day in late spring

In which I did a little painting of part of a cinder block wall

Wrote on the computer for several hours

Had three good meals

Listened to the radio

And took a nap

But I was thinking

Of June 6 sixty-nine years before

And a place an ocean removed from my comfortable home.


And of the thousands of men and women involved in the greatest invasion in history

Dropping into danger, coming ashore under murderous fire, scaling high cliffs,

Dying, wounded, striving and finally prevailing on that day,

The beginning of the end for the Thousand-Year Reich.

My mother talked of ironing and listening to the news on the radio

My father was somewhere in Burma or China or India

(He said they often didn’t know where they were)

And I am right here, musing that there was so little notice of the sacrifices made on this day

And thinking that there needs to be some kind of notice.

And so, brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, people on the home front, here is your notice:

On this day I salute you and I thank you, living and dead, for your sacrifice

That gave me this peaceful day

On June 6

So many years


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