Uh Oh…

Uh oh

I came across this passage by writer and writing teacher Anne Lamott and it hit me right between the eyes. (Readers, please note that my book is slated to be published in two months.) 

I used to tell my writing students to write what they would like to come upon, and this is what I would like to come upon today:

The worst time in any writer’s life is the two months before publication. ALL writers become mental and pathetic, even those of devout faith, who have some psychological healing to lean up against, and gorgeous lives. All writers think that this time, the jig is up, and they will be exposed as frauds. 

Two months before publication, all writers worth their salt have days where they hate everyone, and wish everyone would just die, especially their best friends, who have responded inadequately to the book that is coming out soon, and who are total asshats and losers.

I suppose I’m not worth my salt, because I don’t hate anyone or wish anyone would die. I also don’t know any asshats and losers. I’m not even sure what an “asshat” is, except it doesn’t sound like a nice name to call someone.

So hang on, readers! We’re in for an interesting couple of months!

Yr. Ob’t Srv’t,

The Author

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