A Tale of Two Picnics


Normally, I suspect that many of us think of the time after Labor Day as being too late in the season for picnics. Of course, there are no Picnic Police (not yet, anyhow) to prevent us from having a picnic any darn time we want to. I taught with a fellow who grilled out on his balcony every evening, regardless of the weather and of the season. He used the leftovers for his lunch, and he had one of the best lunches going.

This weekend we went to a couple of really good picnics. One was at Caton Merchant House Saturday, an assisted living facility where my dad lives. It is a fabulous place, with a caring and competent staff. They had all sorts of food and a bluegrass band, with residents and families enjoying the fine weather and the good food.

Sunday our church had its annual picnic, staged by the deacons. They supplied hot dogs and hamburgers, and members of the church brought side dishes. Church people can cook! We spread out under some canopies on the front lawn of the church and had a good time eating and talking. We met some nice people who were prospects both for the Bible study class I co-teach and for Becky’s children’s choirs.

We don’t normally like to eat outdoors, but the weather cooperated and the food and company were great on both occasions. You can’t ask for more than that!

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