Punctuation Marks I Wish We Had


I don’t know if you recognize the punctuation sign above. You might if you are of a certain age. Time magazine first proposed it in the ’60’s as a way of conveying excitement and interrogation. It’s called an “interrobang” and it would be used in a sentence like this:

“What in the Sam Hill were you thinking ” Or, if you can’t do the funky thing with your fonts, you can write “!?” or “?!” but it’s not as cool looking.

There’s an article in Mental Floss about other punctuation marks we could use. I’d like to. I especially like the rhetorical question mark and the irony mark. Maybe because I frequently am. Rhetorical and ironic, that it. Maybe you will like these as well. Here’s the link to the articlePoint d'acclamation.svg


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