Blog Tour # 2: Katherine Gotthardt


Katherine was the first person from Write by the Rails that I met in the three-D world.The writers’ group formed in August, 2011, and while I had friended a number of people in the group, I had not met them in person, so, in December, after a choir rehearsal for Christmas music, I took myself over to Mayfield Middle School in Manassas, where a couple of authors were having a book signing. Katherine was there along with local author Nancy Kyme. I spent some time talking with them, and Cindy Brookshire, one of the founders of WBTR, came along. I was impressed with these local writers. Since then, I’ve come to know Katherine as a compassionate, talented lady who writes using a number of different genres in a range of styles. But I’ll let her tell you more in her own words. Katherine Gotthardt:

I am honored to be part of this blog tour and thrilled that Dan’s blog is my first stop!  I know Dan through Write by the Rails and have become familiar with his exceptional non-fiction and fiction because of our mutual affiliation.  Here’s to Dan and Write by the Rails!

While I am at it, I would like to thank Write by the Rails members Stacia and Nick Kelly for arranging the tour.  What a great idea.

As for me, I’m a poetry, fiction and prose writer.  Poems from the Battlefield, a collection of my Civil War themed poetry, original and archival photos and period quotes, was published in 2009. My children’s book, Furbily-Furld Takes on the World, was published in 2010.  Approaching Felonias Park, a novel focusing on predatory lending, was released in November, 2011.  Weaker Than Water, a second collection poetry, came out in April, 2013.

In addition to founding Writers for a Cause, I am an active member of the Prince William County Arts Council, Write by the Rails (of course) and the League of Women Voters, Prince William Area.


My resume can be found on LinkedIn. I’m available for speaking engagements and workshops.  Email for information.

All that out of the way, I humbly submit one of my older poems.  This poem was drafted in the mid 1990’s when I was still an undergrad.  I recently rescued it from a stack of paper containing poems that never made it to my PC.  They were written on a Mac Classic, which passed away shortly after I graduated.  I hope to get all those poems typed up some day and maybe even use a few in the book I plan to release later this year. 

Oh.  Did I spoil that surprise?  I guess I have to really do it now that I’ve made it public.  That’s what happens when you put things in writing.  You must take responsibility for your words, one way or another.

Without further delay, then, prepare for an old poem.  I hope you enjoy it.


Katherine Gotthardt

Cold Romantics

That day in winter when you and I declined

to work an average day, instead deciding

to traipse across the field of fallen snow beside

my house, that day when we inoculated

the earth with our high booted prints,

we kicked through grains of ice, feeling

the stiff water resist our toes,

then sink to softer snow beneath.


Holding hands, we ran from tree to tree,

listening to the muted sound of feet breaking through surface:

crunch-squish, crunch-squish, crunch-squish.



We reached the broken-down wall that used to mark the line between

my neighbor’s house and mine. Resting here,

we watched the defeated barrier that stretched from where

we stood to as far as we could see. Here and there,

a round or jagged rock poked its ancient head from beneath

its snowy sheath, as if looking in wonder at its brothers still seated

atop each other. White beards grew from the hardened heap,

and antlers made of ice.


We cleared a spot and sat atop, holding some cold

between our wet, raw fingers. We felt for gaps hiding

among the stones and pulled from the crevices their winter teeth,

laughing quietly at the freeze boring its ends

into our steaming palms.


We never regretted forfeiting that day’s pay, sparing

some time to revel in God’s sublime. We were as children,

still amazed how quickly icicles melt.


Katherine Gotthardt

Copyright 2014







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3 responses to “Blog Tour # 2: Katherine Gotthardt

  1. What a wonderful poem. With the snow fall fresh on the ground, I can look in my yard and see where I’ve walked and where only our super excited puppy has dared to sprint around the place. I absolutely love the imagery!

  2. What a wonderful poem It does remind me of walking in the snows when I was a child. It’s just so magical.

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