As Aware as Usual


Mazda flat tire

As I was pulling into the Food Lion parking lot this past Tuesday afternoon when I felt one of the front tires on the wagon go flat. It seemed to be the right front, so I got out, thought it looked low and put on the accursed “doughnut.” As I was finishing up, a guy came by and said, “You got another one on the other side.” Sure enough, the left front was completely flat. I was out of spares (one to a customer), and since I had a doctor’s appointment in ten minutes, I drove on the flat to the office and then brought it home after I’d seen her (the politest doctor I’ve ever met, BTW).

The next morning, I jacked the car up, took the decidedly flat tire off and put the front hub assembly on some scrap pieces I had lying aroung.  I then put both “bad” tires in the Impala to take them to have them fixed, and noticed that the right front tire bounced and rolled well for a “flat” tire. I put a gauge on it, and sure enough, it read 30 psi. It wasn’t flat after all. I put that back on the right front hub and had the True Flat Tire (sounds like the True Cross in the Grail quest) fixed at Logan’s (my mechanic). I was somewhat deflated by this whole experience (yuck, yuck), but was glad I didn’t have two flats to deal with. Something like that can make you feel flat.

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