Yet Another Instance of Synchronicity

Yet Another Instance of Synchronicity.

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  1. Kevin Drummond

    Mr. Verner My name is Kevin Drummond and I am looking for a Ghost writer, or co-writer to help me with ” What I can only call the story of my life and who I am ? ” I believe that there is something there that needs to be told !!.. The problem is; I am not a writer. ” But I do have a ” How can I say this?” a gift for seeing and feeling people, or life in a kind of ” Knowing,” that is not in the mainstream lets say. ” I am not P C literiet as you can see, or am I educated in the way of schooling. But I am self taught in many different areas, and I do know how things are. ” I mean this in the full sense of knowing ! I know that this sounds pretty crazy to you I’m certain; as it does also to myself. ” But I am compell to write this for some reason that is beyond my understanding? I live in Chantily Va. and my # is 703-501-7484 I will send you a facebook friend request since I do not have an E-mail. – Please help me in any way that you can. ” I do believe I have something to say ! ” Thank you, Kevin

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