What I Don’t Know


I don’t know a lot, but I thought I’d mention a few things.

I do know this topic is controversial, so bear with me. I’ll respect your opinion regardless of whether you respect mine. Talking about our differences helps us resolve them. I do know that as well.Here goes:
• I don’t know why senseless killings with handguns keep happening. All kinds of people have all kinds of ideas about how to stop them, but nothing seems to be working.
• I don’t know why good people of all ages have to die in such a violent manner, but especially the young ones. None of them deserves it.
• I don’t know why the media makes such a circus out of these tragedies, perhaps encouraging others out there to imitate them.
• I don’t know why legislatures can’t do something to stop this.
• I don’t know why we don’t have better mental health care in this country.
• I don’t know why we have such an affinity for violence whether in films, books, sports or on television.
• I don’t know how many more times this will have to happen before we come to our senses and figure out how to stop it.
These are just a few things I don’t know. There are more, but I’m too heartsick to add to them just now. I hope I don’t have to write another of these, but I have a feeling I will.
Sorry, friends. Be well and take care of each other. Please.


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2 responses to “What I Don’t Know

  1. We don’t do anything because in the end, we lack the political will to act. We already have laws restricting gun use that we don’t enforce. What is the point of passing more? Truth is, many people LIKE their guns, and they want to be able to buy and keep them. They never know when they might have to kill an intruder, even if, tragically, it turns out to be their own teen-ager sneaking in late. Plus, they need their guns in case the gov’ment goes crazy or something and they have to protect their lives or their property. If innocent people die, oh, well. That’s the price we pay. Ug. I can’t avoid the sarcasm I hear in my own comment. I have VERY strong opinions about this issue.

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