Art and Transformation

A dedicated group of artists and visionaries are transforming the lower level of the Tacketts Mill Shopping Center into a premier center for the arts.

The effort began a year ago when the team that oversees Tacketts Mill Center, LLC, formed an informal partnership with The Clearbrook Foundation to create a comfortable and stimulating Main Street environment which will encourage artists and creativity and provide a venue for music, visual arts, photography, literature, dance, theater and culinary arts.

So far the Foundation has funded the Poets Laureate positions in conjunction with local writers group Write by the Rails and the Prince William Council for the Arts, as well as hosting the ceremony that crowned the laureates.

Clearbrook has also sponsored an innovative “bench project.” After Eagle Scout candidate Sean Zylich of Troop 295 created a number of benches on which to display art, the Lake Ridge Rotary Club stepped in and took the project on as a fund raiser. Each bench features a visual artist from among other places, the Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge Campus art department. These artists worked with a local business or individual to develop a design for the business. While bench sponsors do not own the bench, they do have a say in the design and will have their names listed on the bench along with that of the artist.

Here are some of the benches produced by various artists, four on the upper level and five down at the Lakeside.

Clearbrook Center of the Arts's photo.

This photo and those below by John Wooten.

Clearbrook Center of the Arts's photo.
Clearbrook Center of the Arts's photo.

Clearbrook Center of the Arts's photo.

The Center also hosts resident artists, including Nick Zimbro, who paints and creates collages in the Community Garden space using the entire wall space to transform the structure itself into a walk-in work of art.

Here are nine out of 10,000 square feet of artwork created by Zimbro and other artists a one of a kind installation housed within the Clearbrook Center.

Clearbrook Center of the Arts's photo.

Photos by Nick Zimbro.

 In addition, renowned sculptor Ken Faraoni, known for his larger than life bronze sculptures, recently relocated to Tackett’s Mill to create commissioned works and to contribute to the project. Most recently, Faraoni re-created Lynchburg’s Water Bearer, a zinc statue which stood atop the city reservoir for 134 years, deteriorating in the elements. Working in his Lake Ridge studio, Faraoni,took two years to remake the seven foot tall statue in bronze.
Here is a picture of Faroni and the statue during its restoration:
Ken with Lady
Thanks to Clearbrook Foundation, local artists and arts-minded residents, the Clearbrook Center of the Arts is well on its way to becoming a mecca for local lovers of the arts.


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