Feeding the Children

Starving Child

Every day around the world 6,000 children die of starvation.

I found that such a startling statement, let me repeat it. Every day around the world, 6,000 children die of starvation.

We see pictures of malnourished, crying, homeless children wasted by disease and hardship and want to do something

So, how do we address a problem that is so pervasive and so difficult to comprehend, much less do something about?

A number of groups are working to eradicate starvation. This past Sunday, I participated in training for one effort sponsored by Feed My Starving Children and NorthStar Church Association that will feed 100 children for a year. That’s 35,000 meals for kids who would otherwise suffer or even die.

How is that done? Agricultural giants Cargill and General Mills worked with Feed My Starving Children, a group dedicated to doing just that, to develop MannaPackRice, a mixture of rice, soy, vitamins, minerals and vegetarian flavoring and dehydrated vegetables that would keep without refrigeration. This combination specifically meets the nutritional needs of starving children and also improves the health, growth and physical well-being of children who are no longer in danger of starvation. The ingredients are sealed inside plastic bags and packed in boxes for transport all over the world. One bag feeds six children and costs about $1.32 to produce.

The training I took part in will allow me and others there to participate in “2016 Food Fight!,” a three-day event at the Dulles Expo Center May 13-15. Thirty thousand  “packers” will prepare 5 million meals to feed 14,000 children for a year.

We sent over 100 people from our church representing a wide range of ages and types to the training. Come May, we’ll be ready to do something about world hunger. Come join us! Until then, visit http://www.2016foodfight.com/ for much more information.


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  1. yeagerm193

    Love this, Dan! I would also like to get involved…I will check out the website above. Thanks for sharing!

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