Blessing and Curse

Dad January 1946

          Song for My Father

I swear

Pandora is

Out to get me.

It has played

“The Leader of the Band”

Twice this morning,

The song that I quoted

In the eulogy I wrote for

My father

A year ago.

I can’t hear the song

Without crying

As I am now

As I write this.

Music is

As Mr. Monk would say

A blessing

And a curse

And yet I feel blessed

To have known him.


Dan Verner

January 25, 2016


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4 responses to “Blessing and Curse

  1. Beautiful poem. I know just how you feel about hearing a song on the radio that immediately blows you back into a bittersweet memory of the past.

  2. Beautiful poem. You perfectly evoke the bittersweet feelings of hearing “that” song on the radio, the song that flip-flops our hearts into a past where our most joyful and most painful memories live. Thanks.

  3. A.Gifford

    In 2014, my last year of teaching English in the public school system , our team was asked to revise and improve our poetry unit. One of our requirements was to create a ‘non traditional’ end of year assessment. As harsh disagreements and missteps among us built up, I suggested that each of us pause and actually write a poem to show the kids . Don’t think anyone else in my team wrote one but here is mine anyway:
    Memories and Wishes
    Good memories and wishes
    are often confused
    in the mind, I think.
    One lives on the right
    side of the brain and
    the other lives on the left.
    Both are buried way below the surface.
    As if in a deep snow cave.
    They might also be like crocuses
    or some new grass coming better into view,
    as the weather warms and the soul reaches out.
    The best memories and wishes
    sprout forth with images of loved ones and friends
    as part of the calming scene. A. Gifford

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