Docked for Winter

Boats in Winter

“I won’t be docked for winter,”

The bookstore manager said,

Meaning she wouldn’t have

Her pay cut because

It was too cold to take a census

In the cemetery.

(I think, It’s not that hard to

Find those people

Although they are really slow about

Returning their forms. This was my thought,

Not hers. Maybe it is hard work.

It might be if it can’t be done in the


I take back “not that hard” and

Substitute “challenging,” which it must be,

Or she wouldn’t have said what she did.)

Anyhow, she’s happy

And I’m happy, too,

Not because I have not

Been docked for winter,

But because I have

Been docked for winter

In the sense that

During blizzard and frigid cold

I stayed at the dock,

A skiff moored at anchor

Away from storm

And all manner of calamity.

Our dockings?

Quite different,

But then

So are we,

And that makes us



Dan Verner

March 4, 2016

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