Waiting for a Train

Train in Manassas


The gates come down and

Red lights flash and

I can’t cross the tracks


A train stretches

Down them

Nearly out of sight,


I used to find this delay


But now,

As the train slowly

Starts toward Alexandria and

Union Station and points north,

I watch coaches, baggage and

Sleeping cars and

At the end,

A private vintage rail car, and

I wonder who these people are

On the train,

Where they are going,

What they are thinking,

And who they love.

In the private car,

It is a dining car, and

I see red carnations in vases

On the tables and

A couple having breakfast

Which they will finish

Before the train


At their



Dan Verner

April 11, 2017




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2 responses to “Waiting for a Train

  1. Ken Duck

    Dan, I love this. I am influenced by my love of trains and other large machines. As you know, this ties into my upcoming trip riding behind N&W #611 from Lynchburg to Petersburg.

  2. Thanks, Ken. That should be a wonderful journey.

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