Maundy Thursday

Garden of Gethsemene

Here in this room, there is

Quiet amid the busyness of the week

And we celebrate a meal that is

Over two thousand years old,

One that ties us to those who have

Gone before and to those in varied

Climates, locations and circumstances.

We are one with them as we

Reach out, reach up and

Reach in to our inner selves.

This ceremony transcends language

And class, time and place

And so we find celebration

And shared sorrow in the

Passage from Palm Sunday

To the Garden after this meal.

We move into the valley with him

Who created all,

Knowing that after three days,

After a terrible passage,

We find ourselves in another garden,

And find exultation again.

Through all this comes a sound,

Borne on the wind,

Remember. Remember. Remember.


Dan Verner

April 15, 2017

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