The New Yorker always surprises me

When it come although

It comes every Thursday or Friday1

It’s not that I forget that I have

A subscription—it’s that

The magazine is so different

From everything else in my life.

It’s as if a tiny little UFO

Showed up in my mailbox

Or Bigfoot knocked

At my front door.

You’d be surprised, too,

Wouldn’t you?

That’s how it is

With The New Yorker.

Maybe I don’t expect

Some of the outré

Articles and statements

Within the magazine

Or coverage of issues that

Almost no one knows about

Or the cartoons that make no sense.2

Whatever it is, I can look forward

To being surprised

Almost every week.


1 Five combined (i.e., biweekly) issues appear in February, June, July, August and December and at other times, as indicated on the issue’s cover.

2 My favorites. Aren’t they yours?


Dan Verner

April 21, 2017

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