When we were younger,

And our mother used to take us

To a three-story department store

In Clarendon, she knew that she could

Leave me at the escalators while

She shopped and my brother

Stayed with her. I loved riding

Those moving staircases and would ride

Up to the top floor and back

Down again over and over again.

I suppose it was the motion

Or the freedom of being left to

Entertain myself or riding

The wooden treads (the lower flights

Were metal) that went to

The top floor and imagining

That as I rose, I was going back in time.

Or this: when I went down

The escalator at the Woodley Park/

Zoo station of the Metro years ago,

I could not see the bottom and I thought

As I came down

I would meet my younger self




Dan Verner

April 27, 2017

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