The Cats Are on Spring Break

The Cats Are on Spring Break

Yeah, they think, if it were only a break.

After a winter of roasting in hot rooms

Wearing a fur coat they can’t take off,

You’d think they’d deserve a break.

But no.

What are they going to do on spring break?

Go to the beach? With all that sand?

How do you think they clean themselves?

Would you like the taste of sand? Thought not.

Or go to Disney World? Hello? A place that celebrates

A mouse? Maybe not.

Or they could stay home and play baseball

If only they had hands to hold a bat

And fingers and strong arms to throw a ball.

That’s another non-starter.

So they go to the basement and

Lie on the cool floor,

Not moving, taking naps and waiting

Until it’s time to eat.

Outside, in the sunshine,

Their humans are running and jumping

In their shorts and shirts

That are not made of fur.


Dan Verner

April 17, 2019

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