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In the museum where I volunteer

Almost every week,

I am in a reception area

For the museum

And the gift shop

And when one of us

Leaves that area,

We say, “I’m going to

(wherever we’re going)”

And invariably the person

Remaining behind says,

“All right”

As if they needed to give


(Which they don’t)

But they do it anyhow.

I’ve noticed this

With other people

And think it polite

And useful


And that way we always know

Where we




April 23, 2019

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Food Critic

Food Critic

I’m sorry, but I don’t like catsup

(or ketchup or however anyone wants

To spell it).

I think it’s the consistency or the color—

I don’t know. It seems a poor excuse for

A condiment.

The strange thing is I love tomatoes and tomato sauce.

Same ingredient, but a different quality.

In face, the only thing I like about catsup (ketchup)

Is its name. The term is from Southeast Asia

And means “fish sauce” and it’s the only word

We borrowed to use in English.

Reason enough to like the name

But not enough to like the sauce.

And now you know.


Dan Verner

April 22, 2019

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An Easter Poem

Our cat, a twenty-year-old dilute tortie,

And I climb the stair together.

Well, not quite together—

She is a little ahead of me

In spite of being 96 years old

In human terms.

I am not that old and I am slower.

I expect to become slower

On the stairs until I can’t

Climb them any more.

Aging leads to inability

For both of us


It also


Leads to renewal

And new life.


Dan Verner

April 21, 2019

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What It Takes

What It Takes

No trees

Were destroyed

To write

This poem.



Dan Verner

April 20, 2019

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Catching Up

Catching Up

On the Andy Griffith Show,

Sheriff Andy liked to catch up on

National Geographic magazines

As a vacation.

Apparently he didn’t have time

To read them when he was

Enforcing the law

During the year.

I suppose he enjoyed it

And felt a sense of accomplishment

When the summer was over.

I have stacks and piles of books

All the time and

I will probably never

Read them all

Over vacation

Or for

The rest of

My life.


Dan Verner

April 19, 2019

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The pitcher stands on the slight rise

Of earth, his arms dangling


His craft.

Satisfied, he gathers his arms

In the familiar deceptive fashion

The small white ball emerging from

This chaos

To hang in the space between

Pitcher and batter and catcher.

The outcomes are myriad

And only time will deliver

One of them

And as the moment stays

We wait.

It is all any of us

Can do.


Dan Verner

April 18, 2019

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The Cats Are on Spring Break

The Cats Are on Spring Break

Yeah, they think, if it were only a break.

After a winter of roasting in hot rooms

Wearing a fur coat they can’t take off,

You’d think they’d deserve a break.

But no.

What are they going to do on spring break?

Go to the beach? With all that sand?

How do you think they clean themselves?

Would you like the taste of sand? Thought not.

Or go to Disney World? Hello? A place that celebrates

A mouse? Maybe not.

Or they could stay home and play baseball

If only they had hands to hold a bat

And fingers and strong arms to throw a ball.

That’s another non-starter.

So they go to the basement and

Lie on the cool floor,

Not moving, taking naps and waiting

Until it’s time to eat.

Outside, in the sunshine,

Their humans are running and jumping

In their shorts and shirts

That are not made of fur.


Dan Verner

April 17, 2019

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