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A Floral Surprise

Day Lilies (not mine)

Day Lilies (not mine)

I have a brown thumb. I know it, and I admit it. So when I got some day lilies last summer to go around the mail box, I wasn’t surprised when the leaves turned yellow and died. Maybe I watered them too little; maybe I watered them too much; maybe I planted them too deeply; maybe I didn’t plant them deep enough. I don’t know. I’ve killed plants off so frequently I just shrugged at this latest example of floracide and went on. The poor plants endured as some dry brown husks.

Then, this spring, I noticed that they were coming back! They had greened up, and one of the two plants started growing. Now it has nice yellow flowers. The other is still stunted but still, it’s green!

I reported my experience to a lady in choir who knows a whale of a lot about plants and flowers. She said, “Well, you can’t kill day lilies. They’ll live in a ditch by the side of the road and they don’t care if it’s too wet or too dry.” I was glad to hear they were hard to kill, but not as impressed with my success in bringing them back. I didn’t do anything after all, but apparently if I want real success with day lilies, I need to dig a ditch by the side of the road.

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