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Six Thousand Years of Civilization Has Come to This, I Fear


RIDE ‘EM, COWB–uh, cowmonkey!

I’m thinking that civilization as we know it (more or less) dates back about six thousand years to the Mesopotamian region (and other places such as the Nile and Yellow River valleys). Farmers and hunters who gathered there were able to produce a surplus of food there which led to counting, writing, record-keeping, government, laws and, oh yes, taxes. But enough of the history lesson.

I was listening to all-news radio from the Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center (read all about it at http://www.wtop.com/41/2020261/The-story-of-the-Glass-Enclosed-Nerve-Center-) and they announced, very seriously, that the Frederick Keys minor league baseball team in Frederick, Maryland, is going to feature a cowboy monkey rodeo show before the game this Saturday night. ( For a look at a cowboy monkey rodeo, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDZtH-_RDDU)

Now, I’m of a certain age, and have never heard of this sort of thing which in these parts are usually staged in conjunction with a county fair or anything else. I have heard of (and in some cases actually witnessed) tractor pulls, mud bogs, demolition derbies, racing pigs, diving mules, and other entertainment oddments I can’t think of right now (jello wrestling, anyone?) in conjunction with county fairs.

Turns out a cowboy monkey rodeo involves little monkeys dressed in little cowboy outfits riding little dogs herding (presumably) little sheep [I hope–probably not too many rams in the flock, and especially not Dodge Rams. (Sorry, simply couldn’t resist, although judging from the logos on some of the monkeys’ uniforms, they are sponsored by Dodge Ram. What do you know?)]

I would walk across the street to see this, but I wouldn’t pay a fair admission price (or even an unfair one. You know. Oh, the hits just keep on coming!).  I have to

wonder, though, what our six thousand year departed ancestors would think of such a thing. No doubt if a cowboy monkey rodeo came to town they would watch respectfully and then when it was over eat the monkeys, keep the dogs and raise the sheep for wool and meat. Now that’s civilization  (except for the part about eating the monkeys, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom to the contrary). If this sort of thing appeals to you, by all means go see it. Just be early to get a good seat. They might run out of monkey.

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