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A Biscuit City Special: A Song about Gordon Lightfoot

Gordo, back in the day.

Gordo back in the day.

Faithful Readers may or may not know that the title of this effort comes from a rather obscure Gordon Lightfoot song (obscure unless you are a GL fantatic. Who, me?), “Biscuit City,” which was on his Salute! album (c. 1983). It’s about a state of mind, according to Gordo, not an actual place, so you can go there any time you want (just point your browser at https://ltdanverner.com/ <– shameless self-promotion, the best kind!).

Anyhow, my friend, writer, poet, librarian and funny lady Leigh Giza posted this video link on Facebook, a song by the Krayolas called “Gordon Lightfoot.” Enjoy, and thank you, Leigh!


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