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Toggle switches on a car’s dashboard. Don’t know what kind of car it is, but I’d bet it’s fast. And expensive.

I heard on the radio the other day that Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo as we used to call it) was abandoning its touch screen system in some new model cars in favor of–guess what?–switches. Here’s a link with more on the story: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/06/business/after-ratings-drop-ford-reworks-touch-screens.html?_r=0 Seems that people find the system too hard to use and have to take their eyes off the road to work them. With a switch, once you learn where it is and how it operates, it’s pretty much an eyes-off business.

Well. What do I say, except sometimes the way to go forward is to go back. I’ve written in this space about giving up my smart phone (touch screen) because it’s too complicated to put in the commands. I’ve gotten a retro flip phone, and it’s the bee’s knees. And it has push buttons on it. They’re cousins to the switch, and I for one am glad they’re back in the house.

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Smart Phone, Dumb User

It's too much! Make it stop!

It’s too much! Make it stop!

So, I had an iPhone and liked it. It was easy to use and kept me up on what was going on. Then the battery went dead. And because I am cheap, I ordered a battery and tried to replace it myself. Uh-oh, problemo. I tore the phone up trying to put it together, so I needed a replacement. The friendly folks at AT&T waived the time remaining on my contract since we have been with them since 1999, so I got a nice free Samsung Galaxy 4 or some other number between 1 and 10. That’s when the trouble started. I liked being able to keep up, but answering a call required that I (1) swipe the screen and (2) slide a circle on the screen over. That was hard to do with one hand after I had gotten the phone out of my pocket. I missed a number of calls and then had to go through more contortions to get the voice mail, if I could figure out I had voice mail.

After a couple of months of this frustration, I decided I needed a nice dumb flip phone to solve my telephonic problems, so I called the nice people at AT&T and said I wanted to downgrade my phone. The nice lady on the line said I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade yet. Apparently they don’t get too many requests to downgrade, so I repeated my request. She allowed as how I could get a “Go Phone,” which is a phone without a contract, so I did. I also could send in my smart phone from the infernal regions and get money for it, which more than paid for the Go Phone. I was money ahead!

The Go Phone arrived and “all” I had to do was put the SIM chip (phone identity thingie) from my old phone into the new phone. Unfortunately, the SIM chip was smaller than the allotted slot in the new phone, so I hied myself over to the internet and found instructions on how to make a small SIM chip holder out of an old credit card. Through skill, patience, perseverance and using a new X-acto blade, I made said SIM chip holder. I put it in the new phone and it worked! And all my contacts (200 of  ’em) were there! Couldn’t figure out how to move my calendar over to the new phone but I had kept a paper backup (always keep a backup, boys and girls!) and went back to using that. I sent the old phone off to AT&T where it was changed into a nice credit on a little card. How precious! How spendable!

So, I’m not up with it as I used to be, but I can answer calls by flipping open my phone. And after all, I’m still listening to CD’s. Rock on, boomers! Sometimes (not always) the old ways are the best ways!

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