Back in the Saddle Again–A Letter from My Brother


Martin D-45GA. List prince somewhere north of $17,000.


(Part of an  email from my brother Ron, who had some serious health problems a number of years ago, recovered and went on to a twenty-seven year career as a pilot for Delta Airlines.)

Hi Dan,
I thought of that song as I was driving to the church for my Wednesday volunteer work. I only worked one day in March, due to my virus and dental surgery. Even though one of today’s jobs was to clean  off some playground equipment, it was nice to be back.

Gene Autry’s song also is a good one in my memory, because the instructor pilot who was in the right seat for my first 767 flight sang it when I made my initial takeoff. This was my return to flying, after being off for 1 1/2 years with health issues. He said he knew things would go well on the trip when I punched all of the flight management system buttons correctly, and in rapid speed. I guess he forgot that I had been instructing the system in the MD-88 simulator. Amazing how today’s pilots are judged by punching buttons, not stick and rudder skills.

I probably should look around for a Martin D-45GA ( pictured above), as his signature song has a special meaning for me. Unfortunately, the price on one is pretty special too.

More later.


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