Takin’ It…Easier

Taking It Easy

Hello, friends of Biscuit City!

With my novel (On the Wings of Morning) out, I’m finding I have less time to devote to my blogs (Biscuit City, Beyond the Blue Horizon and Preaching to the Choir), so I’m going to take this week and next off from the blogs except for a post or two on Beyond the Blue Horizon and Preaching to the Choir. I’ll continue the regular schedule with all three blogs through December and then cut back to about one post a week on each blog.

I thank each of you for following my efforts over the years, and I look forward to continuing with the blogs and also with the novels. I’ve written a sequel to Wings, On the Wings of the Wind, and a follow-on to that, On the Wings of Angels, now in revision.  The books will eventually be parts of a six-book series called Beyond the Blue Horizon. I expect the second book to come out late next year, and the third book a year after that, with each book appearing at yearly intervals. So, keep reading, stay well, do good work,  call when you get there, and stay tuned! All my best to each of you!

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