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Takin’ It…Easier

Taking It Easy

Hello, friends of Biscuit City!

With my novel (On the Wings of Morning) out, I’m finding I have less time to devote to my blogs (Biscuit City, Beyond the Blue Horizon and Preaching to the Choir), so I’m going to take this week and next off from the blogs except for a post or two on Beyond the Blue Horizon and Preaching to the Choir. I’ll continue the regular schedule with all three blogs through December and then cut back to about one post a week on each blog.

I thank each of you for following my efforts over the years, and I look forward to continuing with the blogs and also with the novels. I’ve written a sequel to Wings, On the Wings of the Wind, and a follow-on to that, On the Wings of Angels, now in revision.  The books will eventually be parts of a six-book series called Beyond the Blue Horizon. I expect the second book to come out late next year, and the third book a year after that, with each book appearing at yearly intervals. So, keep reading, stay well, do good work,  call when you get there, and stay tuned! All my best to each of you!

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Do You Hear the People Sing?


The government shutdown in D.C. closed all the monuments on the Mall. That included the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and all the other iconic places in Washington. (The Washington Monument is closed for repairs from the August, 2011 earthquake, so no harm, no foul in that case.)

Tourists and visitors who had come to the city could look at the monuments from a distance, but not go very close to them. Visitors included a group of World War II veterans here courtesy of Freedom Flight, a group which flies vets in to visit the World War II Memorial. Barricades stood in the way of anyone who would want to actually walk the monument grounds. Then something wonderful happened. The barricades were moved aside. Some Congressmen who were there said they didn’t know how it happened: someone did it, and the vets could visit this incredibly meaningful and poignant place. They had earned it, after all.

I have an idea that the men and women who stormed the beaches at Normandy and Iwo Jima were not going to be deterred by a few metal stands. I have tremendous admiration for these men and women who served actively and those who kept the home fires burning. My novel (due out October 22), On Wings of the Morning, is a tribute to this generation. And I’m glad to see that they still have the right stuff. You rock my world, World War II vets!

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We’re Baaaack!

Keep Calm We're Back

Actually, truth be known, we didn’t go much of anywhere. I can’t speak for the entire Biscuit City staff: I don’t know what they did or where they went, and I don’t want to. Becky and I were close to home most of the time. I did some painting and fixup work at the church and helped out with the annual (26th year) summer music camp that Becky and some very talented people stage at the church. We both taught at the State Summer Music and Worship Arts Camp at Eagle Eyrie, outside Lynchburg, VA, and attended a “destination wedding ” in Charlottesville late in the month. All in all, it was a somewhat busy month, but a gratifying one as well.

In other news, which I’ve shared on my novel blog, Wings of the Morning: A Novel Series about an American Hero, I finished the first draft of the second novel, On Eagle Wings Upborne, and am working on having the beta version out to my readers this week. I’d also like to start on the third novel, which has the working title of On Wings of the Wind.

I still don’t have a publisher, but I’m continuing to work on that. Thanks to all those who have been encouraging and complimentary about my foray into the world of extended fiction. Hang on: something’s comin’!

In the meantime, I plan to blog on Biscuit City Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and on my devotional blog, Preaching to the Choir (http://choirdevotionals.com/)on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a post on the novel blog  (http://huckfinn47.wordpress.com/)about once a week.

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We’re on Vacation!

Surf's Up!

Post #489

It’s summertime, and with it comes the opportunity for the Biscuit City Executive and Administrative Staff to take a break during the month of July. No word where everyone is heading, but we hope some of them will stay out of trouble, and that everyone will have a good time. A skeleton staff will continue to product those fine Biscuit City products, Preaching to the Choir (http://choirdevotionals.com/) three times a week and On Wings of the Morning (http://huckfinn47.wordpress.com/) weekly. We hope you’ll continue reading these and sending in your comments, and we’ll be back in August!

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