Blog Tour #5: Stacia Kelly

 Stacia is an author and a fitness and nutrition expert. I’m pleased to welcome her to Biscuit City!
Prohibited Potato Chips

There’s a fire going in the fireplace. Tea brewing on the stove. There’s no heat in the house, so I feel like I’m writing like the writers of old used to. Of course, I’ve got my laptop and light, so there’s a slight difference still there. (Yes, said tongue in cheek.)

Writing can be a solitary art. It can also cause our rear-ends to grow wider and our tummys to stick out. The darn kitchen is never closed, and sometimes we can get so caught up in a scene that we don’t realize we’re munching on the entire bag of potato chips. (Or for some, the entire bag of M&M’s.)

 How to keep ourselves in check while our inner editor is cranking at full speed?

Hide the potato chips. Seriously, hide all the junk food if you can’t get it entirely out of the house. You’re less likely to snack on it if you have to go looking for it, especially the later in the day it is. Instead, have healthy alternatives on the counter, your fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Fun Water Glass. Have a fun water glass or coffee cup just for your desk. Make a game out of getting enough water in during the day. I alternate between hot tea and water during the day. And, have sometimes been known to have water, tea and a Rev3 energy drink on my desk.

Set a timer. Set a timer so you get up and move every 45 minutes or so. I can lose myself for hours in a scene and time will pass without my realizing it. It’s best to set a timer to remind myself to get up and move. Of course, you could always adopt a four legged family member, they work really well as timers too.

Schedule time to exercise. Even if it’s getting out for a walk, schedule some time to get out and move. Add it to your day planner just as you schedule writing time. Getting out of your head and get physical allows you to focus better when you’re ready to get the words on the page.

 Most of all, don’t forget to do some fun stuff! Try something new, engage with other writers. Meet a friend for coffee or tea. Just don’t let the procrastination get to you! And, remember to listen to your body. Those aches and pains are signs your body is talking to you. Listen to it and watch your creativity be rewarded.


Stacia D. Kelly, Ph.D., is the author of the fiction works, “Phyxe: Goddess of Fire”, “Ichi”, and the upcoming “Gaian.” Her non-fiction work includes “Reduce You”, “Muse”, and “Nine Months In, Nine Months Out.” Read more at


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