Blog Tour #7: Linda Johnston

I’m pleased to offer a guest post from my multi-talented friend Linda Johnston.  Don’t let her fool you–her writing is literary, touching, well-researched and insightful. I recommend her book highly. She has an uncommon touch for ordinary subjects and people that makes them extraordinary.

Unfinished Travelogue

I finished my blog post this morning at 12:30 a.m., then brushed my teeth and went to bed. It is now 1:39 a.m. and I am back at the computer after deciding that the original post, though a good story, is just too personal for the Internet. Since my writing mojo is waning, I have decided to try something different.

As I looked at some notes for a future blog that I made a few days ago, I decided to use them “as is”. I’ll let you use your imagination. I’ll actually finish the story in a future blog. Here goes:

Riding cross-country in the “way back” of our Studebaker station wagon, circa 1958, before seat belts.

Dad’s military footlocker in the back full of things to keep us busy.

My bear, Teddy Big Guy.

Quilted baby blanket, with pink elephants parading across it, spread out in aforementioned “way back.”

Leaving at 3:00 a.m. to “beat the traffic.”

Car sick – me. “Dad, pull over quick!” – my brother.

Five hundred miles and several hours later – “Don’t make me pull this car over!” – my dad.

Motels with metal, pastel-colored chairs with shell-shaped backs, out in front of the rooms.

In 1963, the Plymouth sedan.

Clear plastic embossed seat covers. After sitting in a hot car for a few hundred miles, had to peel ourselves off the back seat, our legs embossed for hours.

Stuckey’s – Would we ever, ever, ever get to go inside and see an actual pecan log?

Lots of time spent on Pennsylvania Turnpike. Counted tunnels.

Chocolate ice cream – on cone entering the tunnel, on shirt and shorts exiting the tunnel.

Off the road, out of the car at Grandmom’s house for one glorious week.

The whole thing in reverse.

My thanks to Dan Verner, my gracious host for allowing this post on his otherwise literary blog.

Pub photo 2 copy

Writer and artist Linda S. Johnston enjoys combining history, art, and nature in her writing. Her first book, Hope Amid Hardship: Pioneer Voices from Kansas Territory, is a collection of pioneer writings on the happy side of life in early Kansas and includes watercolor sketches throughout. To learn more about Linda and her writing, please visit

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  1. Nothing like peeling yourself off of the leather seats. In our case it was a ’77 Plymouth Fury, or a ’78 Malibu. Bench seats, baby!

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