A Poem for Today

Blue Sky and Ocean

         Coming to My Senses

Just a sense of balance
And one of self worth
A sense of awesome wonder
For the creatures of the earth.
A full sense of humor and
Of well-being, too, and
A sense of contentment
For doing what I do.
A good sense of smell
Of color and of light
A sense of well-being
To see me through the night.
At times a sense of sadness
Of loss and of dismay
Which we all go through
With others on the way.
A sense of proper balance
A sense of judgment, too,
And a sense of community
To see us all the way through.
A sense of redemption
And one of the Spirit and of trust
With us now and forever
In the whole wide universe.

Dan Verner
August 28, 2015


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4 responses to “A Poem for Today

  1. Your best poem ever! This is so beautiful. I had to read it multiple times immediately and appreciated it anew each time.

  2. Thank you, Nancy! It started out as a few words per line (A sense of/Balance/Of self worth…) but seemed to need a longer line. The rhyme just came to me. I appreciate your kind comment.

  3. Susan Griffin Mercado

    Peaceful, serene poem. Lovely

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