Three Small Poems for an Early Autumn Evening

Early Autumn Landscape
He* said of a carnival, “There were tents within tents,”
And an exotic bazaar swam into my field of vision,
Monkeys in one tent,
Bright tropical birds in the next,
And jewels of untold worth in another,
And line after line of tents within tents,
Receding one after another after another
Like the multiplied reflections of
Facing mirrors.


She* wrote, “The falcon bullets the sky at 200 mph,”
And my thoughts cry with the falcon, “Paradox! Paradox!
A bullet travels about 1500 mph
Reality says that a falcon is not a bullet
(That much is obvious).
But Metaphor floats to the surface
And rejoices in this truth about the raptor:
That falcon is fast.


He* wrote, “Some XXL customer broke through a 5/4″ deck board,”
And I am pleased by the term “XXL”
And the use of a clothing size to describe a large person.
I have a quick video play in my head of an XXL, drink in hand,
Standing on the deck
And suddenly breaking through,
Gone as if that tremendous bulk
Never existed.
I also like the appearance of “5/4.”
Because it is an improper fraction,
It engages my sympathy,
A charming but naughty boy among numbers,
Standing fast with his sister
The irrational number.

Dan Verner

September 6, 2015

1.* My son-in-law and GMU librarian Chris Magee.
2.* My friend and writer Colleen LaMay.
3.* My brother and retired Delta Airlines pilot Ron Verner.

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