I just did something I swore I would never do

Colleen shows exceptional courage and insight as she shares the details of what can only be described as a horrible nightmare. She is an exceptional writer and incredible human being.

A Change of Heart

I applied for unemployment benefits in the state of Virginia. I told myself I  had little choice. I did not want to admit to myself that I felt ashamed, and that going through some of the documents my former principal filed against me brought back the helplessness, hopelessness and stark fear of mid-March to mid-April 2015. Those were the weeks she attacked me in some fashion every day, in ways large and small that would be comical if the stakes were not so high.Virginia Employment Commission

I am blogging this,  deeply personal and painful as it is, because otherwise I am providing only a selective picture of my life as a teacher. The consequences of those 15 or so business days during which my ex-principal worked very hard to rid herself of me will likely take a toll on my professional life for a while. I am not ready to think about how long…

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