Metaphor of Obligation

Perseus Cluster

The Perseus Cluster, 250 million light years from Earth.

The meeting of minds is akin to

Great continents sliding, overriding

Each other

Moving incrementally,

Interlocking fractaled inlet, cove and bay

So that









In the Perseus Cluster

A black hole sings

A single B flat note

Fifty-seven octaves below

Middle C,

The lowest sound

In the universe.

This celestial song

Serves a purpose.

These sound waves

With a frequency of ten million years

Transport energy that

Warms the cluster

Which, in turn,

Regulates the rate of

New star formation

And the evolution of galaxies.


Such is the meeting of minds.


Dan Verner

March 16, 2016

(For more on the Perseus Cluster and its sound, go to )

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