The Bird Woman of Cardinal Drive*



We’ll just say that there is a woman in this costume. All the pictures that showed a woman in a cardinal costume were not fit to post on a family blog. I want to keep my PG rating.

On my way to Food Lion

I came upon a woman

Walking in the middle

Of Cardinal Drive

Like a bird,

But she didn’t just walk like a bird;

She looked like a bird.

Her short reddish hair stuck up in back

Like a cardinal’s on a bad hair day.

Small and light, she wore

Red slacks and a white blouse

And she held her arms out

Diagonally with her hands at right angles

As if they were wings and

She was trying to fly.

She skittered along

Never gaining altitude

Oblivious to me and my car

In her own world

A world of soft breezes,

Clear skies

Berries and seed in season

And a long road to glide along

And try to soar

And try to soar.


*The name of the street has been changed to protect this lady’s identity. There is no Cardinal Drive in Manassas. There is one, however, in Dale City, but I’ve never driven on it.


Dan Verner

March 16, 2016

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