Present Tense

Past Present Future

Lately I do not seem to be a verb

Like Buckminster Fuller,

And that is because

I seem to be a tense,

Present tense,

To be exact,

Which is to say

That I exist in the present

(Which we all do)

But the distant past

Is a hazy landscape

And the middle ground

Dimly seen,

While short term

Is a

Total blank.

The future is the future

And of course

Does not exist

And I don’t either in that

Distant land


The present is all I have

For the present.

For the present.


Dan Verner

March 18, 2016


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3 responses to “Present Tense

  1. Another great poem, Dan. That’s all.

    • Thanks so much, Colleen. Your encouragement and support mean so much to me, especially when you consider that I call you “Idaho Tater,” “Comma Queen,” and worse. I’m so ashamed…; ^ )

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