What I Don’t Understand


Well, the list is long, so I’ll limit myself to three or four things. And I know some of these things that make no sense to me make perfect sense to other people, so I hope you’ll understand if I’m not on board with these interests and preoccupations, some of which might be your favorites. It’s just the way I am.

First on my list is adult coloring books. I know they’re wildly popular, but I don’t understand why. Some people find coloring in hundreds of tiny shapes to be relaxing and renewing, but even looking at a page covered with those geometric designs sets my teeth on edge. For me, the thought of using colored pencils or crayons or whatever to complete a design seems more tedious than soothing. So I’ll pass on the coloring books, thank you.

Next up (pun intended) is the ridiculous spectacle of an intentional walk. I understand that there are times when a manager wants to fill first base to set up a double play or force-out, but is it necessary to go through the faux drama of a pitcher and catcher tossing the ball back and forth four times? I think not. Just award the batter first base and get on with it. Baseball is sometimes criticized for being a slow game (which is one reason I like it. It’s possibly on your list of things you don’t understand for that reason), and intentional walks don’t help. I know they wouldn’t speed matters up that much, but maybe it would make someone happier. Someone like me.

Two sports complete my list: cricket and curling. I have watched cricket games, read articles and even had a student from Pakistan try to explain the sport to me, but nothing helped. I keep thinking that it should make sense since it resembles baseball, but not so much. My student told me he didn’t understand baseball, so I told him I would explain the sport to him if he would help me appreciate cricket. After a month or so, he understood some of the rudiments of baseball, but cricket remained a mystery to me. Maybe I’m thick, but I just don’t get it.

Actually, if I think about it, I understand curling (It’s like bowling with a tea kettle. On ice.). I just don’t see why anyone would want to watch it. I’m sure the curlers (if that’s what they’re called) enjoy being out on the ice and exercising with their brooms, but baseball by comparison is hyperkinetic, even with intentional walks. I dunno. Maybe curlers had to find something to do in the winter when they couldn’t play baseball. Or cricket.

So, these are a few things I don’t understand. I’ll try to think of some more and write about them. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your reaction to my list and I’d also like to know a few things you don’t understand. Share your thoughts and ideas with me, and thanks for reading.

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