The cat ascends the stairs more quickly than I

But we go down them together,

She two steps ahead, looking back in mid-staircase

To see if I am there.

I wonder if she thinks I will disappear if she doesn’t check.

Usually we go to the kitchen so I can feed her

And, that done, we climb the stairs again.

Later, she asks with an outstretched paw if she might

Sit in the window and watch birds in the trees and

Traffic on the street.

She hates being picked up, but when I raise the blinds and sash,

She purrs when I lift her to the sill.

She sits there a moment, looking around

And then I take her from her perch

And deposit her on the floor.

Still later, she invites me to take a nap with her

By going to the bedroom door and looking back.

When I lie down, she stretches herself out

At a forty-five degree angle to my body

And we sleep like that,

Two aging creatures who are

Not what we used to be

And not what we will become.


Dan Verner

August 2, 2016



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7 responses to “Realization

  1. Adore this poem, and the picture, too. Makes me want to pet Nacho. This is why we love our pets. They become old friends. We know the meaning of their every gesture, and they know ours. Such a sweet and tender poem. Thanks, Dan.

  2. skyeblue1248

    I love this. Especially the last three lines. I think we develop an understanding with our pets over the years, and sometimes a relationship that goes beyond just pet and owner.

  3. Charlotte

    Dan, this is beautiful. Charlotte

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