Intentional Walk

Intentional Walk

So. Major League Baseball changed the rule

And now batters, pitchers, catchers, umpires, managers, teammates, fans present,

Listeners and watchers at a distance,

Players and teams as yet unborn or thought of,

Will no longer have to endure

The charade and senseless lack of drama

Of four pitches thrown wide

And each carefully, slowly returned.

It might as well be an absurd

Game of catch.

That’s all.

But now all the manager

Has to do is raise four fingers

And zip!, the batter’s on base

And we’re all relieved

That the game can continue.

But thinking of it,

This saves maybe 20 seconds,

Which is practically non-existent

Compared to the hours taken

For a game,

And I wonder if changing were

Worth it, after all

As I do

With so many




Dan Verner

April 6, 2017

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