Riding Horses


My brother Ron and I in 1952, ready to ride the range.

Today at the gym I saw

A boy, about five,

Leaving with his mother

From the day care

Near the entrance.

He ran ahead of her—

No, he didn’t.

He skip-hopped,

Looking for all the world

Like a horse,

And then I saw he had his hands

In front of him as if

He were holding reins

And so, in his imagination,

He was riding a horse.

I did this when I was his age,

But my brother and I

Had Roy Rogers cowboy outfits,

Complete with cap guns,

Although we used up all the

Caps we had the first day

And had to go, “Pow! Pow! Pow!”

Which was all right

With us

And we pranced around our back yard

Shooting our guns, keeping the West safe,

And riding the best horses

The world had ever seen.


Dan Verner

April 7, 2017


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4 responses to “Riding Horses

  1. snyderbc

    We kids of the late 40’s and 50’s all have a picture of us somewhere in cowboy garb. I was a saddle tramp in the suburbs of Alexandria, channeling Hop-a-long Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, the Cisco Kid, Kit Carson, the Lone Ranger, Matt Dillon, Wyatt Earp, Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie, Daniel Boone, Yancey Derringer, and later Johnny Yuma (Nick Adams), the Rifleman, Cheyanne, Sugarfoot, Maverick, Lawman, Palladin, and all the Cartwrights. Did I leave out any? I’m sure someone out there will remind me.

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