Jigsaw Puzzle



Jigsaw Puzzle on Table

Yesterday I felt an urge

To put together a

Jigsaw puzzle

Which I had not done

Since my Dad’s passing

Over two years ago.

He loved them,

And we kept one

Set up in his room

At the assisted living facility

And worked on it whenever

I visited, which was almost

Every day. Other visitors

Liked to put in pieces

As well, and like us,

Talk about whatever is

On our minds.

I miss jigsaw puzzles

And I miss my Dad

So I am going to put one

Together in memory of him,

Imagining him sitting

Across the table

Putting in piece after piece

Without looking at the picture

On the top of the box

While I studied that picture

And managed to place

Ten percent of the pieces

That he did.

He was like that.


Dan Verner

April 18, 2017

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