Sad Little Poster



Lost Cat

On the telephone pole

In front of our house is

One of those sad little posters

Announcing a pet gone missing

With a picture of a dog on it.

It could be anyone’s pet,

But it belongs to the sad little poster

Who made the sign

And who had tacked it to

Poles all over the neighborhood.

I walk by and silently say a prayer

For the pet and the poster of this

Piece of hope, and I hope

The almost palpable sadness of

This situation resolves itself

Into the most jubilant of joys.
Dan Verner

April 19, 2017



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4 responses to “Sad Little Poster

  1. Joan Kalyan

    Dan, I think your prayer was answered in the past, will be answered today, and will have a positive result in the future, because of all you put into it. I don’t know how I’d have gotten through HS without you.

  2. Hannah

    Love this, Dan!

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