Cat Organ

Cat Piano

Cat Organ

I read about an ostensibly brilliant  seventeenth-century man

Named Athanasius Kircher who lived at the Vatican

And studied a whole range of phenomena from

Volcanoes to hieroglyphics to music theory.

But although he was brilliant in these

He was a dim bulb when it came to cats.

He invented a “cat organ”

In which he arranged the poor cats in order

Of the pitches of their vocalizations

And pinched their tails to make them “sing.”

Mercifully, he never built this “instrument”

But only thought about it and saved himself

Having his brilliant face clawed off.

So beware of being too brilliant

It may keep anyone from being a humane human being.

(For more information about this musical and feline oddity, go to:

Dan Verner

April 3, 2019

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One response to “Cat Organ

  1. I really was waiting to see if he survived his first ‘concert’. Jake would certainly not have appreciated being part of the music!

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